Thursday, February 28, 2008

What is a cold air intake?

A cold air intake is a system used to bring down the temperature of the air going into a car for the purpose of increasing the power of the internal-combustion engine. A secondary goal is to increase the appeal of a car by changing the appearance of a car's engine bay and creating an attractive intake noise. These aftermarket parts come in many different colors and many different sizes.

Injen Cold Air Intake system (RS-Series)

Injen Technology offers five elite lines of Cold Air Intakes and Short Rams, each offering a superior tweak to performance induction. No matter which series is available for your vehicle, rest assured that it offers the most dramatic gains in horsepower and torque while still providing exceptional engine longevity. Each intake has been dyno tested to insure maximum gains and a safe a/f ratio.

  • SP Series - All SP series intakes are manufactured using Injen's unique MR Technology. MR technology is a means of restricting the intake in a strategic location and maximizing airflow in other strategic points in order to supply maximum amount of air through the intake manifold while getting maximum injection from the fuel supply in order to hit peak, optimal gains. Unlike any other intake on the market, SP series intakes are tuned. Injen is the only manufacturer that offers vehicle, engine, and ecu specific tuning. Not only will the a/f ration be optimal, it will be safe on your engine. Most cold air intakes will run your engine too lean, causing damage and missing optimal gains. MR technology is the most superior technology on the market!
  • IS Series - The IS series is a more traditional approach great for significant gains by fully allowing your engine to breath. The colder and denser the air, the more power to the cylinder heads, which means more horsepower and torque to your wheels. Don't be caught on the track with your factory airbox! Get the best on the market! 6061 T-6 Aluminum Alloy
  • RD Series - The RD series is a line of racing intakes, all of which are placed behind the front bumper to provide the coldest and densest air. The RD series provides maximum air flow and is a must have for any serious racer. The RD series intakes absolutely maximize mid-range power, and are a must have!
  • EIS Series - EIS is Injen's answer to European models. Very similar to the IS and RD series in concept. Finally, there are premium options available for European imports!
  • Power Flow - Injen now offers performance tuning for trucks, SUV's, and muscle cars. Much like the SP series, all Power Flow intakes are manufactured using dyno-proven MR Technology, which give them a superior advantage in TQ and HP gains. Some applications can provide 30HP! What's the use in having that 6L engine if it can't breathe? If you're series about truck, SUV, or muscle car performance Power Flow will exceed your rigorous standards.

Most Injen intakes are CARB approved. Most intakes are also available in a polished or black powder coat finish. A polished look will draw attention to your performance piece, while a black powder coat with give your engine compartment a mean stealth look. Simply inquire!

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